Monday, January 11, 2010

Catastrophe: Al Gore comments..

Smithville, Tenn [AP]:

Former Vice President and Leading World's Expert Al Gore has issued the following statement. "Friends, supporters and neighbors in our global village, after evaluating recent weather trends, considering "cooked" climate data and noting that my 100 ft. houseboat, CO II is frozen to the pier, I want to emphasize that I stand by my recent predictions for a global climate catastrophe; with one exception. I believe that my comments have been misinterpreted. What I have meant to say is that we are all about to freeze to death unless something is done now!

Recent studies have shown that Polar Bears are now on the outskirts of Montreal, eating small Canadian children and the elderly. Glacial activity and blizzards nearly caused me, Al Gore, to perish while at the Environmental Conference in Copenhagen Denmark. I'm Al Gore I would not decieve you!! With the future of our planet, and my houseboat, at stake I urge you to drive around aimlessly. With your help we can produce a carbon dioxide shield that will once again warm our planet