Thursday, December 24, 2009


This will be the fourth Christmas I've spent with my Mom since my Dad passed away in November of 2006. Last year my Mom moved into the retirement a nice little house just about right for her, but it's not the old family home on Douglas we're she had lived for the last 50 years. Those who have lost a close family member know how their absence changes the holidays. So, I've tried to think of ways to make our Christmas alone a little more special but, frankly, it's been a little hard and it hasn't felt much like Christmas to me.

My Mom has always been a hard person for me to find the appropriate gift to present to her. Being a child of the depression her answer to "what do you need, or want for Christmas?" has always been, "Oh nothing really, I don't need a thing". And now, later in her life being in good financial shape, this is all the more true.

So last year I was amazed when she volunteered that she had a present in mind for me to give to her. The present she wanted, and she brought it up several times, was ...........Stamps. Postage stamps. We both laughed, but she said she was serious. So, making me feel a tad ashamed, that's what she got for her present....and some festive flowers. But for several week I thought to myself, "great give your Mom stamps for Christmas". But all through the year she brought up how wonderful it was to have these stamps. She is still a letter writer so she does use them.

And so this year she asked me with a gleam in her eye, if she was going to get more stamps. I said if that's what her heart desired, then stamps it is. But she added, "...and a Timex watch, I just need an ordinary watch". Today I went to buy the stamps, double the amount this year, and I bought her the most expensive Timex watch I could find. Total tab.....under $50. But you know, I'm going to see her smile broadly at these gifts which will bring a little more joy to me this Christmas.