Jim Hall and his Midland based Chaparrals changed auto racing forever. In the early 1960's Jim started experimenting with new ways to change the aerodynamics of his cars to produce more downforce. The technically innovative Chaparrals dominated road racing winning at virtually every venue including the 12 hours of Sebring and Nurburgring in Germany. Retiring the Chaparrals from road racing in 1970, he went on to great success building Indy Cars and his 1980 entry won the Indianapolis 500 with Johnny Rutherford driving.

To honor Jim and his contribution to the automotive world, the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas has built a fabulous new wing to house the Chaparrals and explain their story. I hope you enjoy the photos! And don't miss the short video of The Chaparral's Last Run ----Wallace Craig

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