For the first time since the CAF has been headquartered in Midland, the weather got the best of us. We started off with fog, drizzle and a low ceiling in the morning and finished with some fairly severe thunderstorms in the afternoon. Waiting and hoping for better weather we put off canceling most of the show as long as possible and then finally we had to settle for parading the aircraft down the flightline in front of our incredibly loyal fans. Since all the pyrotechnic charges were already rigged earlier in the day, the decsion was made to fire them off all at once. And as you can see in some of the images below, it was quite an event. Late in the day we finally had a few aerobatics, flyby's, a limited F-16 performance and the Jet Truck. The other images are of servicing the bombers in the early morning mist, the flight line parade and the pilot's briefing.