S & Q Clothiers
There was only one place to go for the well dressed young man in the 1960's and that was the S&Q Clothiers, downtown on Colorado St on the west side of the courthouse square. From madras sport shirts to white dinner jackets for the high school senior picture, S&Q carried the latest fashions. The fashionable young oilman also shopped at S&Q including future President, George W. Bush who officed across the street in The Petroleum Bldg. A large store, S&Q took up much of the ground floor space in the Midland Saving Bldg. and into the building next door which was demolished and is now a parking lot. S&Q Clothiers closed sometime in the 1980's and was replaced by the upscale James Borren Clothing store. Borren's closed in the late 90's and the space has been vacant since. The empty Midland Savings is scheduled to be torn down soon.