Pedro Supports the arts....!

Pedro, being a semi-professional photographer, believes that one image can tell a story or make a point better than one thousand words!

The story told here is that, Bubba, if you need only one reason to support the Art's...look very closely at the picture above and see what the arts can do for you !

This is Pedro and arts supporter XXXXX * [name withheld by request] at the Midland September Art Show gala preview party Friday evening, September 7th. Pedro and XXXXX * had a wonderful evening engendered by stimulating discussions on Manet, Monet, and the transition from impressionism to pointillism. However Pedro thinks that even a discussion on Oak Tree Blight with XXXXX* would have been stimulating!

Knowing now what art can do for you, Pedro intends to support the arts....and it's supporters to a much greater degree!

Can Can Dancers at the Gala!
-Another valid reason to support the arts-
XXXXX, with friend YYYY-YY, browse the art.
-Pedro loves art!-

* XXXXX wishes to remain anonymous, as she is a collector of classic and conservative art. Though having great personal affection for Pedro, XXXXX knows that Pedro and Pedromation© are on the cutting edge of the Avante Garde and wishes to disassociate herself from that movement.

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