Sniper School....!
Pedro recently was pleased to welcome noted architect and famous woman Ms. Sharon Gallantway* to Pedro Manor. Ms. Gallantway is the wife of the somewhat famous author and movie personality, Mr. Moe Gallantway* who is currently the Assistant, Vice-Deputy, Under Secretary of State for Oratory Affairs. When not engaged in architectural projects, Ms. Gallantway is an anti-terrorist sniper instructor and is fully accredited by the prestigous, American Federation of Woman Snipers. Sharon was in Midland to give an instructional school for the womens auxilliary of the Bedford Drive Defense Force.
*Names altered to protect identities for security reasons
Whoa Nellie, Cease Fire!
Sharon gets carried away and is about to burn a 20 round magazine of .223 ball ammo into Pedro's bookshelf containing her husband's book. "Turn it around so I can see his face on the back cover", she quips laughingly[?]
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"We are coming after you. May God have mercy on you, because we won't."
- Sen. John McCain-

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