"Pedro's Movie Hat!"
Pedro returns from a truly remarkable Veteran's Day weekend in our Nations Capital, with the Ia Drang veterans reunion. That is a memorable subject within itself, and Pedro will not demean the honor of the organization by describing it here.

But while there Pedro visits with members of the "We Were Soldiers" movie cast and crew about his future plans in Hollywood. Pedro chats with producer, director and writing genius Randall Wallace [Braveheart, Man in the Iron Mask] and is counseled by Randy , "Pedro you have no future in Hollywood, you are limited by two factors, you're old and you have no talent". Pedro is heartened as at least Randy didn't say, "No" to future film discussions. As a further sign of Randy's faith in Pedro's future, he quips, "I tell you what, you go away and I'll give you a movie hat!" And so, things look bright for Pedro and he becomes one of the first owners of a genuine "We Were Soldiers" official movie hat!

"Pedro, you're an OK guy, I guess, and I don't mind having dinner with you just this once, but don't count on ever, ever coming near one of my films, just take the hat and beat it"

Randy Wallace
"We Were Soldiers"
Pedro and Randy

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