1207 Bedford....the new room !

So as not to alarm the neighbors, Pedro moves his new room "on-site" in the dead of night. When the room was jerked off it's trailer it came to rest at a slight angle but with the help of cinder blocks it now has only a 5º cant. Working swiftly he knocks a hole for the new door behind the bed in the existing guest room and hot glues the framing in place. Next, comes the plastic sheet and plywood to cover the misssing wall. Now for the exterior covering. The main house is clad in redwood shingles, but being cost conscious, Pedro thinks he can find vinyl roofing tile to match pretty closely. One of the advantages of the used room is that it came complete with genuine shag carpeting, ready for occupancy!

Pedro thinks that you'll have to agree......she looks pretty darn good!

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