"Free Beer"....Divine Intervention !!
April 23, 2001

Arriving home this evening Pedro is more than amazed to see His Holiness, Pope John Paul II standing in the doorway of Pedro Manor! As it turns out The Pontiff is a big fan of "Pedro's Adventures" and having read of the Free Beer situation decides to stop in for a cold brewski on his way to South America. Given his choice of a Cold Bud or a Fat Tire Amber Ale, his holiness chooses the Fat Tire. "Excellent", his Imminence exclaims, "Rich nutty flavor, bold and hearty, yet satisfying." After two quick cold ones the Pope climbs back into the PopeMobile™ for the trip to the airport. Pedro will remember this night forever and is grateful for the Pope's charitable assistance.

**Pope, Pontiff, John Paul, PopeMobile, Divine Intervention, Brewski, Religion, and God are all registered Trademarks™ of the Vatican and used with permission!**

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