"Free Beer"....A Commentary !!
April 22, 2001

There is something wrong in America today....something terribly wrong! As PedroPhiles know, one month ago he hosted a gathering of some of the biggest names in films, literature and veterans affairs at the palatial Pedro Estate. As you know, Pedro gave up alcohol for lent 8 years ago, but as ever the gracious host he purchased three [3] six [6] packs of beer for his guests.

Something wrong #1: These Hollywood personalities and Veterans could not even manage to swill down this minimum amount of beer. Something's wrong in America!

Something wrong #2: Pedro has begged and cajoled friends, co-workers and neighbors to please come get "Free Beer" and not a sole has responded. Somethings wrong in America!

Pedro wonders, does "Free Beer" mean nothing in America anymore. Are we so complacent that we won't walk across the street or stop in at Pedro's for "Free Beer". Pedro's thinks, that if we hold "Free Beer" in so little regard anymore, can the total decline of our civilization be far behind. Somethings wrong in America!!

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