Pedro Rises to New Heights....... !!
April 17, 2001
Roof Top, Pedro Manor

Following a severe storm, Pedro finds it necessary to scale the roof of Pedro Manor© to cut a large tree limb out of the 24 million volt main power line! Pedro laughs at heights but knows that 24 million volts is nothing to pussy foot around with. His Eagle Scout merit badges in electrical engineering and wood cutting come in handy, as the job is completed without incident or death.

Pedro finds the roof an inviting place, with gentle pitch, good footing and good cover and concealment to shoot at passing speeding teenagers with his BB gun. He plans on spending more time aloft.

Tres awaits nervously, ready to drag Pedro to safety should he be blown off of the roof in a blinding 24 million volt explosion. He is well trained since the hedge trimming electrical incident.
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