Pedro Spreads It....... !!
April 13, 2001
Garden, Pedro Manor

Yes friends and fans, believe your eyes! Pedro has acquired the finest fertilizer spreading system available for $30, the Scott's 1000!! Genuine plastic™ with metal parts and made in America, not at some Chink sweat shop. Note in the specially prepared PedroFoto© the dual capability handle, folds up and believe it or not.....down. That's craftsmanship. She handles like a dream too!

**PedroFotos©: Friends let Pedro handle all your special photo needs. Do you have that special shot, but you appear somewhat Bovine like, chubby, fat? No problem to Pedro and his staff, send us the image and you'll be thin again in no time. Take pounds and years off digitally with PedroFoto© !!**

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