Pedro Chills....... !!
April 12, 2001
Couch, Pedro Manor

Friends and family are worried and suggest to Pedro that with all the big adventures, the contest© and famous visitors, he is not watching enough TeeVee! So Pedro settles in to educational fare........TV Land [TV Land.Com]. Tonight it's "The Andy Griffith Show". The original, when Andy was a hick, and there was a real moron--Gomer--not some fake moron like Goober. Much before the show was ruined with color and long before that !Jerk-Wad! Howard Sprague made Pedro want to vomit! And certainly before that smarmy, panty-waist Ken Berry turned the show into a farming SitCom. Pedro thinks these factors all signaled the decline of American culture!

**The views expressed here are those of Pedro but they are damn well right!!**

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