"Suspicious Letter!"
Pedro receives a suspicious letter Saturday. He also remembers getting something from the Post Office about Amtrax, but since he doesn't travel by train, he disregarded most of it. Pedro didn't know that he had an old friend in Trenton N.J., but when he opened the letter and what he thought was powdered sugar fell on the counter, he knew that this was probably a 'recipe chain-letter'. The note inside said simply, "9-11". This he reasoned was the number of cookies that the recipe would make. Actually the 'powdered sugar' that came with the recipe made far fewer, possibly because he wasted some when he sneezed and some of the 'sugar' flew into the air. And....the cookies had an odd flavor.

Pedro thinks that the 'powdered sugar' may have gone beyond it's expiration date, as he is not feeling well......but it's probably just the flu. And he is still trying to think of who he knows in Trenton?

The only thing Pedro remembers from the Post Office letter is to safely dispose of suspicious letters. Here after using the powdered sugar in the letter he dons his HazMat suit to dispose of the envelope.
* Bio Hazard *
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